Trust our team of food service experts to customize the perfect fryer system for you.



Custom Vat Sizes

Custom vat sizes

Choose from a variety of vat sizes to accommodate your fryer needs. For example, we can mix and match vat sizes to meet your needs.


Custom dump and work stationsCustom dump and work stations

We can add custom built dump or work stations to any fryer system in any location.


Fryer Basket LiftsBasket lifts

This convenient feature ensures that all frying is perfectly timed with automatic lifts that pull baskets out of the vat when food is finished cooking.


Custom Shipping OptionsShipping & Installation

We even offer solutions for shipping and installation challenges. To make shipping and installation easier, we will split large batteries that can be connected on location using a field joint. A field joint also makes maneuvering a large unit through your restaurant easier and faster and only one built-in filter system is needed to serve both sections.




Why Ultrafryer?

• Highest Food Production

• Energy Efficient by Design

• Best Tasting Food

• Safe and Easy Filtration

• Faster Cook Times

• Lowest Life Cycle Cost


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